She is the chair
The table
The lie
Easily destroyed
Broken furniture
Peel of your smile
It’s unnecessary
When everything
Around just breaks
Your wife
That chair
That table
That lie
You look so confident
In your unwashed clothes
Keep breaking her
That’s what an asshole would do
The TV jingles on and on
While you just laugh
And carry on



Hideaway From Thorns

Poetry, Writing

How should I know
Who to trust
If everybody wears a mask
And stabs my back
When I’m not looking
I shall lay under the covers
A hideaway from thorns
Happy alone, in my imaginary world
And when the thunder grows
I’ll be peaceful in this place
Nobody can hurt me

Reptilian Blues


The beast within lingers
Like a snake deeply hidden
Somewhere inside my skin
Bones replacing branches of feral amazonian trees
It’s twisted around my ribs
Just an inch to stop me from breathing
If the sun rays were scalpels
I would ask to be cut open
To be reborn again
My blood flows like a river
I’m alive but not living
There’s something in me
And it keeps slithering
Words taste like slime
I don’t say anything
I feel defeated


Poetry, Writing

You gave me wine but it was poison
Some boiling blood inside a cup
I drank it all, every drop
Loved you too much to care
Your eyes were like a light-house
Focused on me, I am your sea
Come drown inside of me

My pulse pounds like an alarm
That I cannot switch off
What have you done to me
I’m a poisoned roaring red sea
Baby and you are my casualty

I have crushed your heart
In my foamy embrace
It leaked too much
Painting my waters in sinister colours
I could not stop
I’m really sorry