Hideaway From Thorns

Poetry, Writing

How should I know
Who to trust
If everybody wears a mask
And stabs my back
When I’m not looking
I shall lay under the covers
A hideaway from thorns
Happy alone, in my imaginary world
And when the thunder grows
I’ll be peaceful in this place
Nobody can hurt me


How To Be Still

Poetry, Writing

How can I express the things
That refuse to leave my lips
Share that secret to me
And joy will show upon my face
How to be still in this world
When my heart is a turbulent empty space tangled in chaos?
Explain this, my dearest friend
For I will listen to all your words
And the silences in between

Stitched in poetry


I am a muslin cloth stitched in poetry
This heart string embroidery
I am an artwork
But they don’t look at me
Repelled by worry
I keep it together with a needle and thread
Stitching away thoughts
They won’t escape
Moments like years, too long
My sanity is a patchwork
A blanket from an old people’s home
Left near the bins in the charity shop
Fallen apart too many times
I don’t even know, who am I?
Keep tying knots, saying no
Still, the stitches keep appearing
But I’m always unfinished
If anyone needs me, please complete me