She is the chair
The table
The lie
Easily destroyed
Broken furniture
Peel of your smile
It’s unnecessary
When everything
Around just breaks
Your wife
That chair
That table
That lie
You look so confident
In your unwashed clothes
Keep breaking her
That’s what an asshole would do
The TV jingles on and on
While you just laugh
And carry on





Paint a smile on me with red paint
Like blood for thirsty vampires
On my alabaster, youthful skin
Pinch and turn the flesh of my cheeks
You are better than makeup in making me blush
Turn me into a rose without thorns
I know you are afraid but you never show it
I don’t want to feel responsible
Men are weak, but they never show it
I feel as if I’m a doll and you are the ventriloquist
You speak on behalf of my silence
I’ve been silent for too long
It could be that I’m already dead,
Maybe, I really, really am

Wise Words


Let me hear those wise words
Let me run towards rejection
of my own understanding
Don’t sell your truth to me
If mine is worth nothing
According to your principles
Let me hear those roars of your privileges
I can suck, shine, polish
Everyday is practically the same
What can you do for yourself?

Your wise words
I can’t remember your silence
When was the last time
You felt like meat?
Sculpt me till I’m perfect
Your wise words rot inside your throat
Like dead bodies buried far below
When the night falls
They’ll come back to haunt you
I’ll be free at last


Poetry, Writing

You gave me wine but it was poison
Some boiling blood inside a cup
I drank it all, every drop
Loved you too much to care
Your eyes were like a light-house
Focused on me, I am your sea
Come drown inside of me

My pulse pounds like an alarm
That I cannot switch off
What have you done to me
I’m a poisoned roaring red sea
Baby and you are my casualty

I have crushed your heart
In my foamy embrace
It leaked too much
Painting my waters in sinister colours
I could not stop
I’m really sorry


Poetry, Writing

I wanted to be someone else
Arms intertwined around my neck
A choker of pearls
Pulling me, a succubus to hell
Tears along with thunder fallen
Engraving scars into my skin
Cleanse me in the new found worry
Mould me into who I should be

I will be your perfect mannequin
Silent exhibit in a locked gallery
Need someone to come and save me
‘Cause I can’t open myself
Without the right key