On Medication


Taking the pill again
To feel how she should
Sweat beads roll down
Like purest pearls
On her back
On her chest
And her hands
Sipping her sins
Drinking her worries
She drowns, gets up and drowns again
It pulls her in with a chain
Around her ankles, around her neck
She swallows the bubbles
Others are fine
They breathe how they should
While she’s on the dry land
A flapping fish
People passing by:
“Why is she so low?”
Taking the pill again
To feel better again
To feel how she should
But man,
We should stop pretending
Or else we will turn into
bridges for people to walk over




She moved like a wolf in winter
Across the hills of snow
The moon burned through the darkness
And her heart was drowning in the brightest flames
But the fire slowly burned out
There was no light anymore
Only gleaming radiant eyes of some heartless monster
Lost in the forest shadows



Paint a smile on me with red paint
Like blood for thirsty vampires
On my alabaster, youthful skin
Pinch and turn the flesh of my cheeks
You are better than makeup in making me blush
Turn me into a rose without thorns
I know you are afraid but you never show it
I don’t want to feel responsible
Men are weak, but they never show it
I feel as if I’m a doll and you are the ventriloquist
You speak on behalf of my silence
I’ve been silent for too long
It could be that I’m already dead,
Maybe, I really, really am


Poetry, Writing

You gave me wine but it was poison
Some boiling blood inside a cup
I drank it all, every drop
Loved you too much to care
Your eyes were like a light-house
Focused on me, I am your sea
Come drown inside of me

My pulse pounds like an alarm
That I cannot switch off
What have you done to me
I’m a poisoned roaring red sea
Baby and you are my casualty

I have crushed your heart
In my foamy embrace
It leaked too much
Painting my waters in sinister colours
I could not stop
I’m really sorry



What if your words were petals
Falling elegantly as you speak
Like dancers in the ballroom
Silk gowns swirling around
Old broken records
And if they fell on me
I would not run away
I would be still, appreciating beauty
What if the lies you tell
Fall not as petals but as thorns
For me to walk upon
My skin cracked like porcelain
A leaking scarlet pool
But how could I even worry
Because I still have you
I swing on the nightmare, your naive child
Who’s fond of your irises
But unknowingly drowning
In those navy eyes
Inside a deadly ocean
What if your words where petals
Cold as winter’s snow
Turning me into stone
I’m wrapped around your finger
I cannot let you go