Internal Love


To love is to live
In perpetual wonder
Sinking in gratitude
All that is now in me is love


Reptilian Blues


The beast within lingers
Like a snake deeply hidden
Somewhere inside my skin
Bones replacing branches of feral amazonian trees
It’s twisted around my ribs
Just an inch to stop me from breathing
If the sun rays were scalpels
I would ask to be cut open
To be reborn again
My blood flows like a river
I’m alive but not living
There’s something in me
And it keeps slithering
Words taste like slime
I don’t say anything
I feel defeated


Poetry, Writing

You gave me wine but it was poison
Some boiling blood inside a cup
I drank it all, every drop
Loved you too much to care
Your eyes were like a light-house
Focused on me, I am your sea
Come drown inside of me

My pulse pounds like an alarm
That I cannot switch off
What have you done to me
I’m a poisoned roaring red sea
Baby and you are my casualty

I have crushed your heart
In my foamy embrace
It leaked too much
Painting my waters in sinister colours
I could not stop
I’m really sorry


Poetry, Writing

I wanted to be someone else
Arms intertwined around my neck
A choker of pearls
Pulling me, a succubus to hell
Tears along with thunder fallen
Engraving scars into my skin
Cleanse me in the new found worry
Mould me into who I should be

I will be your perfect mannequin
Silent exhibit in a locked gallery
Need someone to come and save me
‘Cause I can’t open myself
Without the right key

Unattended Garden

Poetry, Writing

Weeds grow under the waterline
Salt flavoured bitterness inside
Those torn butchered eyes
Veins like a cracked china plate
A tangled river stream crawling
Leaving marks on the skin
Around lines and craters
There’s nothing left to say
Your eyes are flooding
Your mouth is locked
You are an unattended garden
Growing a little too much
Without any control


Poetry, Writing

The hidden beast remains untamed
Lingering away from chains
Between torn walls and tangled dendrites
A false refugee playing the victim

As the thunderstorm roars
Like your mother outside the door
Blaming herself- for you being broken
She’s a fuming kettle about to explode

You hide like a criminal under the bed
and count the days until freedom
Planning the ways to get hit by lightning
Thinking of methods to kill that monster inside you
Taking the role of incendiary
Burning those bridges
So that others can’t get to you

Close to the edge
It’s hard to see clearly
The fog is blinding
It’s not that you are okay
But they couldn’t ask politely

She prefers if you died on the phone lines
If you waited in silence
If you became silence

People are too lost they have ears but
they suffer from deafness
Your screams are pointless if no one can hear them



You are not a phoenix
If you have stopped burning
You are a fish inside a fish bowl, turning in a circle
Conditioned to the isolating space
Those coral reefs of possibilities
Are disguised as prison gates
Viscous seaweed morphs your reality
Replaces it with subjective fantasy
The one where you preach positivity
But truly your heart is like a rotten tooth
A cavity that we could not drill through
The answers are clearer than glass
It’s not our responsibility to soothe
If it’s covered in nothing but soot
What happened to the advice
You asked for, but forgot to take?
Our words are just a mistake
Because they scratch the surface
Hurting your precious ego
It’s better to pretend, to build a dream world
Out of nothing, to walk on ashes
Pretending it’s star dust
To say that you are shining, when you are fading away
When will you learn for goodness sake
That fake smiles don’t mean anything



What if your words were petals
Falling elegantly as you speak
Like dancers in the ballroom
Silk gowns swirling around
Old broken records
And if they fell on me
I would not run away
I would be still, appreciating beauty
What if the lies you tell
Fall not as petals but as thorns
For me to walk upon
My skin cracked like porcelain
A leaking scarlet pool
But how could I even worry
Because I still have you
I swing on the nightmare, your naive child
Who’s fond of your irises
But unknowingly drowning
In those navy eyes
Inside a deadly ocean
What if your words where petals
Cold as winter’s snow
Turning me into stone
I’m wrapped around your finger
I cannot let you go

Stitched in poetry


I am a muslin cloth stitched in poetry
This heart string embroidery
I am an artwork
But they don’t look at me
Repelled by worry
I keep it together with a needle and thread
Stitching away thoughts
They won’t escape
Moments like years, too long
My sanity is a patchwork
A blanket from an old people’s home
Left near the bins in the charity shop
Fallen apart too many times
I don’t even know, who am I?
Keep tying knots, saying no
Still, the stitches keep appearing
But I’m always unfinished
If anyone needs me, please complete me